Egged WiFi – Security review


As You may noticed previously, I am frequent customer of Free WiFi from Egged\Mako.

Here is look of bored person to some minor (or not – who knows) configuration issues during the  trip on Egged bus, when there was a problem with Internet.

1. Here is Piwik


Not that bad, actually, but can b accessed without accepting terms of service.

2. Same here with TraceWatch

At least – last version 🙂

3. Here we have XAMPP, outdated and not secured, actually.

And You may see, I am not the first one here.

4. From here, also: PMA [old one] and phpinfo:

5. And finally, more and more interesting stuff can be found on Webalizer:

Disclaimer: there are more available from within Egged WiFi network,, which is not from the Internet, and before T&S agreement approved. Since I am not authorised by owner to perform further tests, here it ends, no exploitations or PoC’s here. Same – no paths or open subnets for scan. At least one  piece software have RCE vuln in public, at least 2 other pieces have know flaws. Partial user enumeration can be performed from first page of Captive Portal. All this info provided for learning purposes only, please do not use in any way other than that.

To Owner: feel free to contact me in case You need further details or assistance. Too bad You not responded to my attempts to contact You, anyway.

That’s all, folks. 🙂

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