YAPS.py – Yet another Python script to upload samlpes to VirusTotal.com


this is SMALL simple Python script to upload bulk of malware samples to virustotal.com

Grab here yaps.py [don’t forget to remove _.txt at the end]

To use – need python installed, VirisTotal API key and Requests library for python

How to install Requests library: 

Install it with pip

$ pip install requests

or easy_install

$ easy_install requests

How to et API key of VirusTotal.com

1. register on virustotal.com

2. Go to Profile -API and grab the key

3. Incert it in api_key variable value in script before You run it


YAPS.py Usage:

python yaps.py path/to/malware.exe

But major usage is – upload mass of samples at once.

python yaps.py  path/to/*

Output to console, in JSON format.

This is beta, no comments, ratings and nice output logs present here, just raw upload.

Request features and I’ll update the script.

Stay Safe



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